what we do


Ft Berthold Services is a leading provider of oilfield services in Western North Dakota. We understand that the key to thriving in an ever-changing world of oilfield logistics is diversity and flexibility. That is why trucking solutions is just one small part of the complete package of services we offer. We want to show you what we can do to bring the cost of oilfield operations down and save your organization more money



We take the stress out of billing and invoicing with our proprietary software system. We offer real-time GPS tracking on our fleet. We are able to track each truck’s location, route taken, speed driven, etc. In addition, our dispatch software will automatically time and date stamp each stage of the job. With a user account, you can log into our system and view up to the minute reports of all work performed by your drivers. Our software allows us to track load amounts, hours worked, and an array of other statistics. Costly mistakes and delays associated with paper ticketing are virtually eliminated



We are a full-service company ready to work with you.